The Site

The Orwell Green Garden Village is ideally located within the Suffolk Coastal District, but on the outskirts of Ipswich Town. Roughly 6.5km from the centre of Ipswich, the site is easily accessible being directly serviced by the A14 and A12. It has access to all the employment and higher order retail and leisure opportunities including the neighbouring Warren Heath Retail Park and the Euro Retail Park, Ransomes Way.

Importantly, it does not fall within the Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty nor is it within an area of fluvial flood risk, which is a constraint to future development across large swathes of the wider area. It has no physical constraints that would stop the site coming into fruition.

This presents an ideal opportunity to create a self-sufficient new settlement which harnesses its own identity and community, whilst remaining well connected to services and opportunities in Ipswich and the wider Suffolk coastal area.


Land Ownership

The site is in the ownership of a single land owner who wishes to make the site available for development. This presents an ideal opportunity for development to materialise in the Garden Village in shorter timescales, and aids the deliverability of the proposals.


Who is behind the Proposal?

Orwell Green Garden Village is proposed by Gladman Developments who are working in a consortium with the landowner and specialist consultants with local interests at heart. The team is made up of highly experienced professionals that are intent on working with Suffolk Coastal District Council, the surrounding local authorities and other local stakeholders to deliver the best possible scheme.

Get Involved

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