The Vision

Inspired by the Government's Garden Village framework, Orwell Green will be a holistically planned new community with its own unique sense of identity, built to a high-quality design, using cutting edge technology. It will be a mixed-use development, where people will genuinely want to live, work and play. The site will support a range of house types, tenures and sizes. Through a mix of housing, natural green open space and well connected, usable parcels of development with easy access to employment and a high level of local amenities, Orwell Green Garden Village will be a high quality, desirable community which can be enjoyed by all.


Orwell Green will deliver:

- 2,700 new homes - up to 891 of which will be affordable

- A wide range of community facilities including:

The key concepts for the Garden Village are to:

  1. Locate development within a strong network of green infrastructure, complementing the existing tree and hedgerow planting (including the Lyme & Beech Avenues) with new areas of formal and informal open space and landscape features. This will also include a large community parkland, to be provided in perpetuity;
  2. Deliver a wide range of high quality mixed-tenure homes and housing types (including homes for Open Market sale, affordable housing and housing for private rent). In accordance with local policy a third of the onsite housing would be affordable, helping to address the affordability issues affecting the local housing market area;
  3. A built form and density that varies across the site, allowing an appropriate transition from urban to a rural setting, at the edge of the newly formed settlement;
  4. Deliver high quality community facilities on site as well as local employment opportunities for local residents;
  5. Deliver long-term, significant ecological benefits by not only retaining existing features, but enhancing them and providing entirely new areas which will encourage the increase and variety of the biodiversity of the area;
  6. To create a sustainable and suitable access from the A12 via a new roundabout. Preliminary informal discussions with the Highways Authority have been positive. A roundabout in that location would be helpful in terms of their aspirations to reduce speeds (from the current 70mph to 40/50mph) and allow for better distribution of traffic;
  7. Create a strong vision, leadership and community engagement in partnership with key stakeholders; and
  8. To potentially provide community ownership of land and long term stewardship of assets.


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