Green Living

Open space and outdoor living are all vital components of a masterplan that has been carefully designed to create and support a healthy and happy community well equipped to enjoy the very best of 21st century living with space to live, work and play. Orwell Green will be a true Garden Village with a large community parkland at its heart, providing acres of natural green space, play areas, allotments and sports facilities for residents to explore and enjoy.


A community Parkland

A large expanse of community parkland will be located to the north west of the village providing a large new area for people to walk the dog, or take their time with peaceful walks through the woodlands. Residents will also be able to learn about the nature that surrounds them on the many informative sign boards that will be located along the green pathways. Having such a large amount of open space on the doorstep of the new homes will mean that there will be many opportunities for residents to share in their love of the great outdoors, walking the dog, making friends and enjoying a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

The community parkland will give local children the opportunity to explore and be inspired by the wonderful outdoors and experience the mix of biodiversity and enjoy all of nature’s beauty. It is the perfect place for a Forest School, allowing children to learn and appreciate the outdoors. It is also an ideal location for community events such as a Park Run and a trim trail, which will be provided around the periphery of the community parkland.


Green Infrastructure

Green pathways link all corners of the village together, allowing for pleasant and safe journeys between them. Residents can walk to the community parkland from their house, and then head to the neighbourhood centre to meet friends; or perhaps walk with friends to the sports pitches for a game of football after school. The interconnected nature of the village promotes a strong sense of community which makes the entire village accessible to all.

It is not just by walking or cycling people get to enjoy pleasant routes. The roads in the Garden Village will be landscaped, meaning that journeys within the village are always pleasant no matter what mode of transport is chosen. There will be links to the wider national footpath trails to the north of the site including Sandlings Walk and The Mount/Brookhill Wood.

A community orchard and allotments will further empower the residents of the Garden Village to grow and cultivate their own food and explore self-sufficient lifestyles. The community orchard is a place where residents will have easy access to locally produced fruit. Located within the central Village Green, the allotments will provide a place to grow and care for their own produce in a community setting.

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