Constraints & Opportunities


  • The site is located adjacent to junction 58 of the A14 with the A12 providing excellent transport connectivity to Ipswich via the A1156 and Felixstowe, Colchester, Woodbridge and Stowmarket
  • Railway stations in Ipswich are a short bus/car journey from the site providing sustainable transport links throughout Suffolk, Essex, London and beyond There are a number of public right of ways (PROWs) in the vicinity of the site including a public bridleway which extends north-south through the site between the A1156 and Bucklesham Road, Known as ‘The Greenway’.
  • The PROW network provides excellent connectivity to surrounding areas including Ipswich to the west and Kesgrave to the north via the Sandlings Walk recreational route as well as Bucklesham to the east and the Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB to the south


  • The site is gently undulating with a general fall to the east
  • The relatively flat topography poses no landform problems for construction
  • The natural fall to the east results in drainage of development areas being straightforward


  • The entire site lies within Flood Zone 1 – an area not considered at risk from flooding
  • There is significant capacity on site to accommodate a Sustainable Drainage System
  • Two large agricultural reservoirs are located at the centre of the site
  • A number of minor irrigation channels extend across the site. A storm water culvert is located along the eastern boundary


  • The site consists almost entirely of managed arable farmland
  • The site is divided internally by fragmented hedgerows and trees
  • Distinctive linear belts of hedgerow and matures trees are located within the vicinity of the reservoirs


  • Longer distance views towards the site from the edge of Bucklesham are possible to varying degrees with the site seen in the context of the A12
  • There are closer proximity views across the open fields of the site from local roads (including Bucklesham Road and Purdis Road), PROWs and the internal public bridleway where there is an absence of localised screening
  • Where Foxhall village straddles Bucklesham Road, visibility from residential properties is restricted by extensive garden vegetation
  • Existing settlement at Kesgrave and Martlesham Heath is well removed from the site


  • The site is not subject to any local or national landscape designations
  • The Mill River Special Landscape Area is located directly to the north of the site beyond Purdis Road but the site itself lacks the diversity of character that defines the SLA
  • The site is well removed from the Deben and Orwell Esturary Special Protection Areas
  • The Suffolk Coasts and Heaths AONB is located to the south of the site and the A14
  • Purdis Heath SSSI lies to the west of the site

Leisure & Community

  • The site benefits from its accessibility to Ipswich and the range of community and leisure facilities located there
  • The site has excellent accessibility to the Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB
  • There is a church in Bucklesham less than 1km to the east of the site
  • Suffolk County Showground is located directly to the west of the site

Buildings & History

  • There are no known significant heritage assets on or close to the site and no Conservation Areas in the immediate vicinity of the site
  • There are a cluster of Tumuli (burial mounds) at Seven Hills, Nacton Heath to the south, which are designated Scheduled Monuments but these lie beyond the A14 and Felixstowe Road and are set within a heavily wooded area
  • The closest listed buildings are located within Bucklesham to the east of the A12


Constraints & Opportunities Plan

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