Creating the Concept

Creating Connections

  • Existing Public Rights of Way form the basis for a network of potential cycle and footpath links, promoting sustainable transport through easy and accessible routes.
  • An existing footpath ‘The Green Way’ is retained and forms a pedestrian /cycle route spine through the centre of the site. A circular walk around the entire perimeter of the site will be created, linking into the wider existing footpath links both to the north and south.
  • A secondary tier of footpaths will criss cross the site, often following routes of existing tree corridors. These provide pedestrian connectivity between existing nodes, such as the proposed schools and Neighbourhood Centre.

Landscape Framework

  • A central Village Green space is integral to the Garden Village concept, bringing community uses and the countryside into the heart of the scheme. A wide green landscaped entrance to the site to the east will create a soft green arrival and sense of place.
  • A Country Park to the north west provides an area for dog walkers, informal recreation and habitat creation whilst formal Sports Pitches with changing facilities are provided in the south west.
  • Existing mature trees form the basis for green corridors through the site linking to identified locations for new attenuation ponds. Wide corridors provide noise and visual buffers to the northern and eastern boundaries.


  • Orwell Green Garden Village will create distinctive neighbourhoods that give people a sense of belonging to a very special place. The Eastern Gateway will be tree lined and green, focussing on a vilage pub, overlooking a new pond. A primary school provides a focus within the Lime Tree Boulevard area, which will be of higher density, and characterised by two existing strong and distinctive avenues of lime trees.
  • The Neighbourhood Centre and adjacent housing adjoins a village green and forms the Central Heart of the Garden Village.
  • A second primary school is located within the north eastern ‘Woodland Edge’ character area and lower density housing fronts onto a new community park ‘Bucklesham Heath’ in the north west. Sports facilities, community allotments and a pavilion form the focus within the southern neighbourhood hub.


  • A wide tree lined boulevard provides the main spine road into the Garden Village from the A12. This spine road will form part of a wider bus loop road, that passes the proposed primary schools and Neighbourhood Centre.This spine road forms the primary access for traffic movements.
  • Networks of primary and secondary roads connect with the main boulevard, linking to smaller scale streets and private drives within the residential parcels.

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