A new Community

The proposals for this new Garden Village include a plethora of benefits that will make this a desirable community for new residents to live, work and play.


Living in Orwell Green

Orwell Green Garden village will provide:


Working in and around Orwell Green

Working closer to home, or even from home itself is now becoming a more desirable option for some. Orwell Green can offer this with vast employment opportunities provided on its doorstep at Ransomes Industrial Estate, whilst Ipswich also provides a key economic centre for the wider area and is a thriving digital hub. Felixstowe is also a major centre of employment, which is easily accessible by public transport from the site. There are also smaller business and industrial units providing employment opportunities directly adjacent to the site to the north and south of the site, at Springbank Industrial Estate, off Purdis Road and the Three Rivers Business Centre, off Felixstowe Road.

The development will also offer new job opportunities both throughout the construction and on-site provision of flexible business space for existing and new smaller start-up businesses as well as opportunities through local farmers and makers markets.


Play – Enjoy the Community Facilities & Great Outdoors

The neighbourhood centre at the heart of the village will be the focal point of this community and will be designed to include space for a market square, community hall, school & crèche, sports & play facilities, a medical centre & pharmacy, a café, a supermarket, other smaller retail units and a village pub. This centralised hub of facilities will create a space for community activity, making it a desirable place to live for current and future generations.

The market square will be a place to sit and relax outside with friends and neighbours, and for exciting events and celebrations, such as a farmers’ market or village festivals, to be held. Having an outdoor space where residents can interact with each other and celebrate togetherness will help foster a strong sense of community spirit.

The multifunctional role of the community hall will bring people together for a range of activities from birthday parties, martial arts, or film and literature clubs. It can be a place where residents do the things they enjoy with likeminded people.

The heart of the village will also provide an informal village green, including a cricket pitch and bowling green. So, whether people are participating or spectating in sport, the heart of the village will allow them to make a day of it. They will be able to visit various retail outlets and eateries, all whilst getting to know and support their local businesses. The neighbourhood area of play will be a place for children of all ages to get out and have fun. It is well-overlooked and close to the shops. It is a place where children, as well as parents, can bond and form friendships with others in their community.

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A place that encapsulates the best of design and considers how we live now and our hopes for future generations.

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